Welcome to Jazzmin, intended as a drop-in app to jazz up your django admin site, with plenty of things you can easily customise, including a built-in UI customizer


  • Drop-in admin skin, all configuration optional
  • Select2 drop-downs
  • Bootstrap 4 & AdminLTE UI components
  • Search bar for any given model admin
  • Modal windows instead of popups
  • Customisable side menu
  • Customisable top menu
  • Customisable user menu
  • Responsive
  • Customisable UI (via Live UI changes, or custom CSS/JS)
  • Based on the latest adminlte + bootstrap


Live demo https://django-jazzmin.herokuapp.com/admin

Username: test@test.com

Password: test

Note: Data resets nightly




List view

table list

Detail view

form page

History page

history page

Modal windows

Login view


UI Customiser

UI Customiser

Mobile layout

Mobile layout

Tablet layout

Table Layout

Admin docs (if installed)

Admin docs


This was initially a Fork of https://github.com/wuyue92tree/django-adminlte-ui that we refactored so much we thought it deserved its own package, big thanks to @wuyue92tree for all of his initial hard work, we are still patching into that project were possible, but this project is taking a slightly different direction.

  • Based on AdminLTE 3: https://adminlte.io/
  • Using Bootstrap 4: https://getbootstrap.com/
  • Using Font Awesome 5: https://fontawesome.com/